Branding Made Simple with Boyett Petroleum

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Want Unbranded Petroleum? Great, we offer that too.

Boyett Petroleum supplies gasoline and diesel fuel to truck stops and hundreds of independent service stations. If you need a reliable supplier of unbranded product at competitive prices you need Boyett Petroleum. Additionally, Boyett Petroleum is a major supplier to agricultural and commercial users of gasoline, diesel, and red dye diesel fuel for on-site storage.

Why Boyett Petroleum?

There are many ways our customers buy from Boyett Petroleum. At Boyett we recognize that different people like to do business in different ways. Some customers like to call a number of potential suppliers when it is time for a load and get bids from each. Other customers want to find a company they trust and when they do elect to turn the fuel purchasing over to them. Still others want to go out for bid on a formal basis.

Many of our customers have made the decision to have Boyett Petroleum exclusively supply all of the product that they need. Our customers that make this decision can see many benefits.

Three Ways our Clients Save

  1. Fair and competitive pricing
  2. Complimentary Fuel Inventory Management
  3. In-network credit card and ATM low cost transaction fees

How Our Inventory Management System Works

Each morning, we will collect your tank inventory readings. We then enter the information into our computerized tracking program that calculates the average gallons of usage per day. Providing Boyett Petroleum with this information frees you from the need to order fuel. If our fuel manger feels prices are heading higher, we will keep your tanks filled.

If we feel prices are going to move down, we will pull the levels down. While, we are not always correct, our control of the inventory may allow you to beat a price increase or hold out for a lower price. We can collect the inventory from you over the phone, by fax, or electronically through your VeederRoot or Autostick Equipment.

Additionally, as a Boyett exclusive customer, you are entitled to process your Visa, MasterCard, ATM, American Express, Discover, Wright’s Express or Voyager transactions through our network at maybe the lowest cost available to you.

By having Boyett Petroleum supply your product, it will make your life easier and save you money.