Pay As You Go

With the cost of fuel rivaling that of a luxury car, we’ve noticed that our customers either can’t afford to keep proper inventories or simply don’t want to. Let Boyett Petroleum take the risk of fuel inventory out of your business! Pay As You Go is a program where we purchase all of the fuel in your tanks and sell to you on a daily basis. This takes the guesswork out of the petroleum market.

How It Works

Boyett Petroleum purchases your inventory from you and gives you credit for all of the fuel that was in your tanks. We monitor your fuel levels to ensure you never run out. We install equipment (at our cost) to automatically detect your daily fuel sales so that we can bill you daily. Each morning, we email you an invoice for the number of gallons you sold the previous day. The price that we charge you is always the price for the fuel that day.

Enjoy All the Benefits

Never pay for fuel just sitting in the tanks! Never fear making a bad purchase due to a falling fuel market! Never worry about running out of fuel again!


Give us a call today and ask about Pay As You Go! (800) 545-9212

If you have done any of the following, you might be a perfect candidate for Pay As You Go!

  • Buy fuel when you have money instead of based on what the market is doing
  • Raise your street price to prevent running out of inventory
  • Have old or insufficient store goods due to lack of funds
  • Put of tax payments or equipment maintenance
  • Worry that a drop in fuel prices will make you uncompetitive
  • Spend too much time worrying about fuel markets and not enough on your store