Covid-19 Update

The safety of our employees and customers and partners is our top priority.  

Standards for our Stores

  • As a reminder, any employee having flu like symptoms; (shortness of breath, coughing and fever) should stay home and self-monitor symptoms.
  • All managers should closely watch employees for symptoms.
  • All employees should strictly follow the CDC guidelines.
    • wash hands frequently,
    • limit face touching,
    • covering coughs and sneeze’s
    • use hand sanitizer when available

New Temporary Standards/ Process

  • Effective immediately all stores will sanitize all human contact surfaces every 2 hours or more often as needed. All stores should follow their sanitation methods at this increased frequency:
    • Primary sanitation method
      – Use Spray bottle with Paper towels
      – Properly mix (wearing gloves) the ENTRAL PH 7 LEMON DISINFECTANT ESAN LEMON
    • Secondary Method –
      – Clorox Wipes (with bleach)
      – Properly use according to packaging 
    • Inside Area’s to sanitize: All door handles, keypads, ATM, restrooms, faucets, door handles, counter tops, fountain areas, coffee areas, cooler door handles, front counter, microwave, if a human touches it you should sanitize it.
    • Outside Area’s to sanitize: Front Doors, pumps nozzle handles, pump pin pads, (DO NOT wipe Glass Screens).
  • Cashier can choose to use gloves for cash handling.  We will make available while supplies last.
  • Temporarily No REUSE of cups or mugs for coffee, fountain or ice.  All fountain and coffee must be with NEW cup only.  For customer with travel mug please use a NEW cup and charge a refill price for coffee.  They can then pour it in their mug.
  • We are following guidance from the CDC and monitoring updates throughout each day, and we are able quickly respond to changes in direction if needed.