Fixed Forwards

End volatility in your fuel buying with FIXED PRICE CONTRACTS.

Meet Your
Budgeted Costs

Protect Your
Profit Margin

Avoid Supply

Volatility often threatens the
success of any company.

Key Benefits of Fixed Forwards

Meet Your Budgeted Costs

You can meet your budgeted costs of fuel even during inflationary periods.

Protect Profit Margins

Protect your profit margin for current and future consumption / sales.

Avoid Supply Disruptions

Avoid supply disruptions during times of high demand or shortages.

Be Number One Priority!

Contracts have first priority during transportation scarcity.

Since 1940

Boyett Petroleum is an expert in the fuel business. Not only do we understand the fuel business, but we understand how volatility can significantly inhibit your business’ ability to operate. With a Fixed Price Contract, you gain control over your future budgeting and spend.

For More Info

Contact Travis Tucker
Director of Business Development | 214.770.1060

Current Offerings

(in Most Geographies)

Diesel & Renewable Diesel

(Where available red-dyed)

Obligation: A minimum purchase of 42,000 gallons per month is required and we offer standalone monthly agreements as well as strips, for example (Quarterly, 12 month, Harvest, etc.).

Are you a good candidate for Fixed Foward Contracts?

With Fixed Price Contracts, we can offer protection against rising inflation, refinery outages and turnarounds and supply disruptions due to severe weather events or other causes.

Are you a high volume consumer or reseller of fuel?
(42,000 gallons/month minimum)

Are you trying to budget
for your business accordingly?

If you answered YES,
Contact your Boyett Sales person and they will work in conjunction with Travis Tucker to get you a fixed price quote.

If you answered NO, Fixed Price Contracts may not be right for you, but Boyett Petroleum has many other solutions to maximize your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I fix my fuel price and markets fall?

If the market falls, your price is still fixed, however if you have budgeted for the price there is no realized loss. Additionally, energy prices have consistently risen year over year with the exception of 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and are again on the rise reaching multi year highs.

Will I have to always pull on my fixed price fuel?

Yes. You are legally required to meet entire contract volume and therefore should not contract up 100% of your demand.

Fixed Price Contracts are not for everyone! Please reach out for more information about how Boyett Petroleum can help you make better buying decisions.