The following is an excerpt from Stanislaus Magazine article:

As the sun filtered through the branches of the trees and a squirrel performed its gymnastics through the branches, Carl’s Campfire Circle was officially dedicated on Oct. 30. The ceremony highlighted the philanthropy of Carl Boyett and provided a selling for future sixth graders attending Foothill Horizons Outdoor Education to understand the generosity and dedication of this man.

Carl’s Campfire Circle is an amphitheater. This gathering place has long been the heart of the Foothill Horizons program for youth. Students begin and end their outdoor education time at the amphitheater. They start by learning the norms for behavior and conclude with a celebration of their stay. Through the years however, these benches and dirt walkways have been damaged by time and weather. When Carl died unexpectedly in 2016, his family and friends sought an opportunity to create an appropriate memorial. With the renovated amphitheater, a facilities need intersected with personal interest and everyone benefitted.

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