According to experts, Americans will spend one third of their adult life at work. That is a lot of time for workers to spend away from family and friends. We all realize we need to work. One, we need money to survive. Two, our work makes the overall American economy hum. 

We’ve all read the headlines recently about “The Great Resignation.” This is where employees have resigned their jobs because of overwork and unhappiness in the past couple of years. More recently, “Quiet Quitting” has apparently become all the rage. Quiet Quitting is where employees either are going to do just the bare minimum of their jobs or they are going to do forty hours of work and not look at their work or emails, texts, etc, outside of work hours. 

Here at Boyett Petroleum, we’re happy to report that we have not experienced employees resigning en masse due to The Great Resignation. Also, we encourage our employees to strike a good work/life balance, so we want them to Quiet Quit at the end of their workday! 

We know our employees must spend a lot of their life at work and we try to make work an enjoyable experience for them. But rather than us tell you all about it, we thought we’d let our employees share their stories with you: 

“I feel truly blessed and grateful for the opportunity to work for this company. I work at Boyett because it is a great place to work, and as a student, I have managed work and kept up with my assignments in school as our offices are blocks from the college. My management team is very approachable and supports my academic goals. Boyett even has an educational reimbursement program and scholarships. I am proud to work for a company that does much for the community, schools, and our kids. Our employer cares about the employees, continuously demonstrates employee appreciation, and regularly plans terrific events for us. Plus, there are fantastic opportunities for growth, development, and advancement.” -Rachel Cisneros 

“Boyett Petroleum has a strong family atmosphere with a genuine camaraderie between owners, management, and employees. We have a “work hard; play hard” vibe and I truly believe that each and every employee is valued and recognized for all the work that is done. We are so spoiled by company lunches, family picnics, activities, sporting events, etc. to let us all know how appreciated we are.” – Alicia Paine

“I love working for Boyett Petroleum, because of the great company culture. Boyett Petroleum cares about their employees and their community, and I’m proud to be a part of such a respectable company.” – Samantha Falk 

“I love working at Boyett because it feels like home. I have been here for almost 18 years. Our management team is the best as are my coworkers. Boyett will take care of us and I know if I have a real need it will be met. I also appreciate that the social aspects that keep us more close knit.” – Kim Castillo 

 “I (along with many others) have been given the opportunity to grow within the company after starting as the receptionist. Who would have guessed that taking that position 8 and a half years ago, would have somehow led me to my dream job? We are constantly reminded that we are appreciated with all the fun activities that get planned for us on a consistent basis. I know I have people who believe in me, allowing me to entertain and often follow through on ideas I have for our retail stores.” – Lindsay London

“I love working at Boyett Petroleum, because I am surrounded by a great working environment, and coworkers. I am lucky because my coworkers have now become my friends, and we get to do fun things in and out of the office, and it just brings us all closer together as a little work family!” – Brette Mower

Bottom line:  Boyett takes care of their employees and customers and makes us feel important and a huge part of.   I would not leave this job, even if I won the lottery.  You do not find that in many organizations.  I have never seen so many employees wear their company shirts so proudly.  We do!”

We’re so happy these employees are happy in their jobs and are proud to work at Boyett Petroleum.